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AOT Mobile (Cancelled)

is an Android FANGAME based on the anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

The game is Offline and Online, being able to play alone or in group.

The objective of the game is to survive and kill as many titans as possible and collect money to buy equipment and characters.


 Unfortunately the game was cancelled (18/07/2019), when my old notebook's hd broke and I lost all my files including the AOT project, so it's not possible to update. 

• I ask you to understand, please.

• All versions will continue to be available for download on this site.

• The online multiplayer servers remained online indefinitely.

Thank you for playing!  


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Adventure
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Multiplayer


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AOT MOBILE V0.1.9 APK (Language: PT-BR) 70 MB
AOT MOBILE V0.1.9 APK (Language: EN-US) 70 MB

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thank you for bring this game to me,sincerely


How do I get the game

Hi I Am Aot Fan My Favourite Your Aot Game. Your Make Aot Different Modulation Like Battleground And Offline Wifi Multiplayer Mode...

  Thank You...


nononooo un juego que se veía prometedor y es cancelado 😭😭 , que verdadera lastima ojala algún día se retome el proyecto  

Ngl, The Game Has 1 Bug, First Is Me Falling Literally Under The Map Pks Fix This. Thank you! 


I've restored your Unity Project, is there a place we can talk?

I have no idea how you did it, but I have no interest in continuing the development of this game, you can continue on your own or make it available for download online so that someone can modify.

Deleted 117 days ago

Hi!...Could u pls send me the files and assets...i might be able to continue

My email:rohaanhussain348@gmail.com

My insta:rohaan_hussain241

Este juego los hace polvo al resto de juegos de snk.. .. tiene un realismo y un potencial enorme Man y podría llegar súper lejos .. ojalá se pueda hacer algo para continuarlo porque posta se disfruta mal al jugarlo te ganaste mí admiracion bro

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What's the last killing Comment

Cus I got




Then Perfect


I cant believe this.you are on the edge of one of the greatest anime games ever made.aot has a huge fanbase.this can get you on track.or u think that stupid demon slayer game you made has sense.its dumb.dont be a coward and. Update and add content.


bro, read the game description please.


that does matter.you can do it.atleast finish the game with one last update.i believe in you.dont let us down

айфоноВ для оТдельнО создАть можетЕ


I love it😻 but I need the final battle 🙏

And one more idea is i want to you create one 2 more map, crystal reiss place and practice place and i think you need to create other weapon like the new odm

The Game is Cancelled so no more updates

Can you add hange zoe, erwin smith and jean kirstein?, make the map large and add colossus titan on final boss, and can you add more house design like shop jungle in wall and add more titans for fight. I hope you will add all myvideas because I really want tovplay aot with realistic like anime. Im your fans😔😔😔

If He Made The Map More Larger Doesn't That Make It Laggy to Low end-devices.

How do I play attack on titan on phone?

I’m playing on phone

I want play the mission map/mode

bro just reverse engineer the game and start updating the game

is good



Servers not working anymore on 2021? :(

How to play online? I wanted to play with my GF



There are some servers that have errors or cannot be played, but some servers can still be played

I could get on my iPhone 11 and try?

Ohh i mean 2.9 v of new aot dev pls make the version

Also dev pls make v3.0 of aot new 

Bro can u make update of the new aot v2.9 and add multiplayer online and pls add more like protecting civins and kill special titan

julhiecio the project could go on even if you have lost everything because you could also recreate the same files even if I know it is not easy to do everything but it could be a rebirth and you could take cues from the game

man i just downloaded the game yesterday and i got my first 1k kill today. Im a bit sad cause theres no more upcoming update, the game is so cool. it reminds me of the game aottg, the one fenglee made. that game has alot of memories, i wish this game will continue cause ive been telling all my friends about this app. love your work bro!!!.

I like Mikasa Akerman name I say to him use code natal but he don't do I like him!!!! Lol I have santa hat and black jacket and black ODMG

Hey, please continue the project, I wanted to play on the iphone but it doesn't work, and on the computer the controls are a bit buggy, please, if necessary I make videos on youtube to publicize the game very good 


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Hey Julhiecio,I was wondering if lan multiplayer is still available on mobile? I want to play with my friends once again


It is only available in old versions, the latest ones are 100% online multiplayer.

Почему мне при завершении скачивания пишет "Запрещено"? Помогите пожалуйста

How can I installed this I really want this game


Question...can i do offline multiplayer just like from the lower version? and how do you Multiplayer tho?


Yes, in LAN Multiplayer i used UNET, and Online Multiplayer i used PUN2 (Photon Networking)


Pls can you tell me what are all the codes


natal=Santa hat

cube=MCPE character *Armin 

jean=horse head


Gostaria de saber os Códigos Especiais 


Yes pls


please bro you have to bring this game back to iOS somehow, my friend and I were addicted to it and now we have to play scuffed versions of it, if there is anyway possible 

Nice game maybe u should add save the world, or more items, or maybe more character. And account maybe.

unfortunately this was cancelled the news was shown on this website if you haven't already saw it it was his old notebook hd broke etc.so unfortunately it can't be updated bc all the files was also broken

Se que ya no actualizaras mas el juego pero es el mejor juego que tenemos los que solo usamos Android porfavor te lo pido como un usuario traelo de regreso y síguelo actualizando porfavor gracias por tú trabajo y encerio me gustaría y me alegraría que retomaras el proyecto

Me gustaría que abría más tipos de titanes o otro de las 9 titanes para dirle más experiencia al juego como por ejemplo ( Armin Arlert con el tiren colosal)

I really enjoy playing this game.I hope you add more items and characters on the future.You also had a good work of making this game for aot fans.I also hope this game will be able to be download in PlayStore!

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