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hello sir julieco this is my one of the most favoritew game you created on android thanks for this game

soon when i already download this game i record this my favorite game  anime too

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Can U Please make it a ZIP file. plss

why is this game on the horror section ?


Hey, julhiecio! I think this game is a great game. I would give it a 8.6/10. The graphic's are on point, the gameplay can be some-what addicting, and I generally spent two hours playing it without realizing. But, Here are some tips to improve the game: First, I think it would be great if you would make the time that Zenitsu Agatsuma's secondary move would take less time to proform, and also make the secondary's on both charactor's less powerful. Finally, add some smoothing to the animation's and use inverse kinematic's to make the charactor's foot stay in place with the ground. 

That's really it! I love your game and I hope you keep making them! Bye, Have a good day! <3

ps: I haven't watched demon slayer but because of this game, I decided to watch it! (I now love demon slayer)

Hello my friend, do I have to pay to play because I can't download the game except by giving you a financial amount in honor of you, even though I haven't even tried it 

ye i thought i had to pay at firs but then i saw a little button that says just take me to the download so its free

What a badass fan game you've create here had so much fun with this one the controls run so well the hack and slash is so satisfying it was just a cool experience. Played this on a random games video 
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I love this game

when is new update coming pls :D


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I like the game,BUT i would like to attack in the direction I'm facing in while moving. Also, Zenitsu's special takes forever

Es un buen vistazo, nada mal para empezar, pero recomendaría disminuir el tiempo de uso en la habilidad de zenitsu y ponerle cooldown para que no sea tan op, algo de música de fondo o por lo menos ambientacion,los demonios grandes además de dar miedo, si saltas mientras te persiguen estos se quedan debajo del personaje y no te dejan tocar el piso, sería bueno disminuir su velocidad de mov, todo lo demás de maravilla xd(los demonios grandes dan miedo xd)


tutorial on how to downaload and play. i downloaded and tried extracting on 7zip and rar but wont let me run


what's your device if you have android download the one with android logo and if you have windows download the one with windows logo

update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~


omg i love this game sooooo much it was so fun but when its night time i get so scared-

I love the Game it's fun and honestly good,but I want more characters and you need to fix zenitzu's attack it take's forever


I like it but..maybe monsters(demons) are too scary.'s ok

Apk keeps saying not installed


there's no need to take zenitsu, just take tanjiro and right click, boring game


Even if its not perfect its a fan made game and for as it stands its definitley a great start, i cant wait to see you improve on the game over time if you choose to and will keep an eye on the progress! Best of luck with development!


as a fan of demon slayer I have to give this creator some props for this game its fun and definitely is a time killer game if you want to have a chill time I do hope for some future updates and more demons to be added is the only con come watch me play if your interested to find out what the game is like!!!! 

wow mobile ver.!

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 Korean youtuber played this game!


Havent played lol


Ok, I love this game there's nothing wrong with it I absolutely love it a lot very very addicting. I recently got it because my girlfriend watches Demon Slayer, Just wanted to surprise her but now this game is fire I will post this on my channel. 

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How do I open a "rar" file enable to play?


Download Winrar from their website. It's free and although it makes you think you do, you don't actually have to buy it. from there any .rar file you download it will automatically recognize it.

Does thia let you okay the game?

Once you download Winrar, any .zip folder will automatically turn into a Winrar archive file. It just makes it a more user friendly experience. After you download Winrar download this game (or anything else online really) and when it's done open it up. Inside will be all of the files, decide where to put the files (for games like these they often need to be in the same place or the game wont open because all of its files will be missing) and play the game like normal.


Says preload is missing how do i fix that?

I love the game and I can't wait to see it grow more, but anyway I made a YouTube video on this game, so if you happen to watch it, I hope you enjoy: 


(Credentials should be in description)


comu baixa

Where do I get rar?


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Literally yes:


they just say if you wan't to like donate him..and what's wrong with that homie..

omg. i need to pay. again


What? the game is free. 

to donate

Is this a trojan?

No. Why would I put a trojan in my games?

why rar idk no what that is

have you ever download anything? rar is just to make it smaller so you can download it faster



nice game tho it lacks gameplay i can see a potential

I LOVED THIS GAME ! If there was more stuff to do this would be an even more amazing game!

what is the controls

Tho game is the best. It makes a lot of sense both on PC and Android. Keep on development

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